Default Filter

What is the "default" filter?

The "default" filter in Shopify Liquid is used to provide a fallback value when a variable is either undefined or empty. By specifying a default value, you can ensure that your templates render correctly and without errors, even when certain variables are missing or empty.

How to use the "default" filter:

Using the "default" filter is simple. You only need to provide a variable followed by the "|" (pipe) character and the "default" filter, then specify the fallback value you want to use.

Here's the basic syntax for using the "default" filter:

{{ variable | default: "fallback_value" }}

If the variable is undefined or empty, the "fallback_value" will be displayed. Otherwise, the variable's value will be shown.

Examples of using the "default" filter:

  1. Displaying a default product image:

Imagine a scenario where not all of your products have images assigned. To avoid displaying broken image links, you can use the "default" filter to display a placeholder image when a product image is missing.

{% for product in collections.all.products %}
  <img> src="{{ product.featured_image | default: '/assets/images/placeholder.png' }}" alt="{{ product.title }}">
{% endfor %}
  1. Providing a default product description:

When displaying product descriptions, you might want to ensure that there is always some text, even if a product lacks a proper description. The "default" filter can help you achieve this.

{% for product in collections.all.products %}
  <p>{{ product.description | default: "No description available for this product." }}</p>
{% endfor %}

The "default" filter is a valuable addition to your Shopify Liquid toolkit, as it allows you to handle missing or empty variables with ease. By providing fallback values for your templates, you can ensure a smooth and error-free experience for both you and your customers. Start using the "default" filter today and watch as it simplifies your code and helps you avoid potential issues.

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