Introduction to Shopify Theme Development Course: Create Custom Themes for Your Shopify Store

Hi there! ūüĎč Are you looking for a way to develop/code your own Shopify theme? Or learn more about themes to help with your career as a Shopify Developer? If so, this course is for you! Here's an up to date tutorial that works with Shopify's new Online Store 2.0 theme architecture.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create Shopify themes from scratch using the Shopify platform and their tools. We'll go through all the folders and files needed to get a Shopify Theme started. This includes the whole store from homepage, products, collections, cart, checkout, blog, articles, and many more. Pages like products, collections, and articles will use custom content from the Shopify Admin. Along with other data like metafield that the Shopify platform provides. There will be a deep dive into product pages because of how integral it is to ecommerce, where we look at pricing and product conditions to match different styles of a product page. 

We will also learn about Shopify's Liquid language that help get data from our store. We'll learn the basics, the syntax, tags, filters, and objects that help build different pages will using Shopify's documentation.

For this course, we will be using the CSS framework Bootstrap to help code our pages faster without worrying too much about styling and making our site design. More time programming and less time thinking how our site should look. Plus, this is more to learn about Shopify Development than learning CSS.

Recommended knowledge, but not necessary, having prior experience with HTML, CSS and Javascript. Those three programming languages are the foundation for our course, but I will make an effort to keep the lessons as easy and understandable as possible. 

With that said, Welcome! And thanks for joining me on the journey of learning everything related to Shopify Theme Development!

Joe Pichardo | Shopify Developer

About Joe Pichardo

Joe Pichardo is a Shopify Developer creating themes and apps to help other programmers succeed on the ecommerce platform.