Introducing Online Store 2.0: Shopify's New Online Store Functionality

Shopify Online Store 2.0 is a major update to the Shopify platform's online store functionality that was launched in 2021. This update represents a significant shift in how merchants can create and customize their online storefronts, providing a more flexible, intuitive, and streamlined experience.

One of the key features of Online Store 2.0 is the introduction of sections everywhere. This means that merchants can now create and customize any part of their online store using customizable sections, including the homepage, product pages, collection pages, and more. This provides merchants with greater flexibility and control over the layout and design of their storefront.

Another important feature of Online Store 2.0 is the introduction of blocks. Blocks are pre-designed elements that merchants can easily add to their storefronts, such as product grids, sliders, and testimonials. This makes it easier for merchants to create a professional-looking storefront without the need for extensive design or coding knowledge.

Additionally, Online Store 2.0 includes performance enhancements to improve the speed and efficiency of online stores. This includes improvements to caching and image optimization, which can help online stores load faster and improve the customer experience.

Overall, Online Store 2.0 represents a significant upgrade to the Shopify platform's online store functionality, providing merchants with more flexibility, control, and performance. We will build a custom theme using Online Store 2.0 functionality.

Joe Pichardo | Shopify Developer

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Joe Pichardo is a Shopify Developer creating themes and apps to help other programmers succeed on the ecommerce platform.

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