Your App on the Shopify Partners Dashboard

With using the Shopify App CLI to setup your app, it has been automatically added to your Shopify Partners Dashboard. Let's review how the Dashboard and App relate to each other.

When you go to, log in and navigate to the apps page from the left sidebar menu under "Apps". Here you will see the app you created from the previous lesson. 

Shopify Partners App page

This page comes in handy to let you know your API Health, installs, listing status, rating, and earnings. API Health is not whether or not your app is live, it is to tell you if your app is making deprecated API calls. This will indicate to update/fix any API calls before a certain date before your app gets delisted. Installs are the number of merchants that have enabled the app on their store. This is not the amount of current installs as merchants can uninstall the app, but the count will remain the same. Listing status indicates whether your app has been publicly listed on the Shopify App store. There is a review process that your app will go through to be approved. We will visit this at the end of the course, but you can review the rule at: Rating is the reviewed star rating on your app from the Shopify app store. Earnings is the amount of money your app has made from subscriptions and purchases, minus the fees Shopify takes. Right underneath your app name, you can also see whether you made it public, custom, or private.

To get to the app overview page, simply click the app name.

Shopify Partners App Overview

Here you can view your API keys. The keys and other app information can be viewed in the App setup link/page.

Shopify Partners App setup page

The app name can be changed there and you can upload your app icon image as well.

Shopify Partners App Icon upload

There is also an option to generate your API keys if you need to refresh them.

Shopify Partners - Generate new API Keys

On the app overview page, you can also get to your app listings through the Manage listing button.

Shopify Partners App Listings

Shopify Partners - English app listing

In each listing you can add details about your app that will be publicly displayed on the app store. Whether it's adding a video, screenshots, descriptions, pricing, etc. When making your our app, I do recommend filling out the Key benefits and Detailed description part of the listing. It will be a great exercise on writing down the concept of your app with goals of different features and functionality it will include.

Shopify Partners - App Listing: Key Benefits

Shopify Partners - App Listing: Detailed Description

From the app overview page, you can also get to the Extensions. On the Admin tab, there are different options to extend the functionality of your app on the Shopify store. In the next lesson, we will dive deeper into the new possibilities the extensions section offers.

Shopify Partners - App Extensions

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